Sticky install at Henkel Ireland
   08 Dec 2023
We recently installed a Kardex vertical storage carousel into a small room for Henkel Ireland in Tallaght.

Galway Manufacturing Facility
   07 Oct 2022
JIT storage on production floor

Limerick - Heavy Tooling
   22 Sep 2022
Compact, Ergonomic storage of heavy tooling, dies and moulds.

Petrochem, Little Island, Cork and Dunboyne, Co Meath
   19 Sep 2022
Automate Warehousing have delivered storage and order fulfilment solutions in three warehouses for Petrochem.

Automated Storage and Order Picking Warehouse
   24 Jan 2022
Automate Warehousing have completed the installation of a Kardex Remstar storage and order picking solution in our Tulla...

Warehouse Automation for AMA Distribution
   13 Sep 2021
Small Component Storage

Component Storage Solution
   09 Dec 2019
Inventory Management

Lift Shaft Installation of 17 m high Kardex Shuttle XP
   26 Aug 2019
Automate Warehousing project for Mylan, Dublin.

The latest solution from Kardex - LR35
   06 Sep 2018
Kardex, the market leading manufacturer of storage solution has launched the Kardex LR35.

Wear - What wear !!!
   19 Apr 2018
A bit more maintenance - please

Dublin Distribution Warehouse expands Kardex automated picking solution
   02 Nov 2017
Automate recently installed two additional Kardex Shuttle XP's in a fast moving distribution warehouse in Dublin. 

Kardex Shuttle XP for Grant Engineering
   02 Oct 2017
Automate Storage Solutions recently installed a second Kardex Shuttle XP at Grant Engineering in Birr. 

Transpec Truck Parts install a Kardex
   22 Oct 2016
As the company expanded it's range of products and the need for immediate shipping of orders has led Transpec to install...

New - Distribution Solutions Tab
   27 Jul 2016
Case Studies - Distribution and Order Fulfillment Solutions

Wedding News
   21 Jun 2016
Contratulations to Brian and Lorna Leamy on their wedding

Kardex Service Support
   01 Mar 2016
Service, Maintenance and Spare Parts

LogiMAT 2016
   12 Feb 2016
14th International Trade Fair for Distribution, Material Handling and Information Flow

Lyreco install Kardex units in Dublin Warehouse
   17 Nov 2015
Integrated Order Picking Solution delivered by Automate Warehousing

Kardex linked to Smart Phone
   11 Nov 2015
No Summary

Kardex Upgrade Kits now available
   21 Aug 2015
Re-invigoragte your old Kardex with a modern colour touch screen.

Senior Technical Appointment at Automate
   27 Jul 2015
Automate have recruited a senior Kardex specialist to head up our technial team supporting Kardex equipment in Ireland.

Automate install a Kardex Shuttle XP in Vistakon, Limerick
   19 Jun 2015
Kardex Storage tower storing spare parts and tooling

Becton Dickinson, Dublin take delivery of another Kardex Vertical Storage Shuttle
   19 Mar 2015
BD manufacturers and sells a broad range of medical suppliers, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products. He...

Allergan, Westport install 2 Kardex Shuttles at 12 m high
   02 Jan 2015
Production Material Storage

Allergan Maintenance use a 9 m high Kardex Carousel for spare parts storage
   08 Dec 2014
Maintenance Spare Parts Carousel installed into small room

Kerry Foods in Naas install Kardex Carousels in the laboratory for storing sample bottles.
   17 Nov 2014
Installation of Kardex carousel to store 6000 samples in new technology and Innovation centre.

Proctor and Gamble, Nenagh install Vertical Carousels from Automate
   10 Nov 2014
3 Kardex Vertical Storage Carousels storing Labels and Packaging

Grant Engineering install a Kardex Storage Shuttle
   13 Oct 2014
The Kardex stores raw material for production on the production floor.

John Deere Forestry in Wicklow install Kardex in Spare Parts Department
   13 Feb 2014
Forestry Equipment Spare Parts Storage

Cook Medical store medical devices in Kardex Shuttle XP's
   02 Aug 2013
Automate installed Kardex devices for storage of finished goods for Quarantine

Kardex Offer Supermarket Drive in Pickup Solutions
   30 Nov -0001
Order food online and quickly pick it up on the way home. Designed for drive-in supermarkets, Kardex Remstar has develop...

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