Automated Picking of Medical Devices

Schölly is a world leader in the area of 3D endoscopy visual systems, used in the medical sector to assists surgeons in performing minimally invasive operations. Also used in the automotive, electronics, and aviation sectors. 

In a newly built factory space had to be created in a small parts storage system for approximately 4,700 different components and small prefabricated parts.


Increase efficiency through faster order picking
Higher picking accuracy when retrieving small parts
More productive organization of processes


More efficient performance – increased to 800 order lines per day – through batch and multi-user picking
Improved precision through the integration of LED pointers and pick-to-light system
Shorter journeys and better ergonomics thanks to the goods-to-person principle

Scope of delivery:

4 Shuttle XP 250 systems
Pick-by-light system with LED pointers
3 pick-to-light picking trolleys
Power Pick Global warehouse management software with modules for batch handling and multi-user picking
Link to Microsoft Navision ERP system


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