Sticky install at Henkel Ireland

   08 Dec 2023

We recently installed a Kardex vertical storage carousel into a small room for Henkel Ireland in Tallaght.

As part of a recent investment at Henkel Ireland research and development center additional storage was required. A narrow room was planned behind the reception area for storage. Ideal for vertical storage at 6 m high the initial plan was to install a Kardex carousel in this room before construction.

This became impossible so we had to install after the building was completed and bring all the components in through a standard door. 

The pictures do tell a good story but don't express the difficulty of assembling in such a small space and bring everything into the area via a standard doorway. 

A lot of planning and effort went into a successful and safe installation so great credit to the Automate installation team.

And a big thanks to the team at Henkel for trusting us with this project.