Time Lapse showing a 5 day installation of 3 Kardex Storage Shuttles


Filling a Kardex in time lapse  

Automatic delivery to a work cell robot

High Speed Video of the installation of a Kardex XP Vertical Storage Shuttle

Divercso Case Study
Storage and Distribution of small components for the diving industry

Vac Con Case Study
Production Parts Storage with Kardex Shuttle and PowerPick Global Software


General Overview Video of the Kardex Shuttle XP


Hospital Storage Solution


Kardex XP Shuttles in a 3PL Warehouse.


Kardex Shuttle XP's in a Distribution Warehouse
Picking to Trolley. Digital Warehouse with Barcode scanners.


Kardex Carousel' sorder picking in a small parts warehouse.


Kardex Horizontal Carousels in a distribution warehouse.


Kardex Horizontal Carousel in a medical device distribution warehouse.
High Speed Picking

Automatic Kardex units integrated with a picking robot working in a CNC machining area