Kardex Upgrade Kits now available

   21 Aug 2015

Re-invigoragte your old Kardex with a modern colour touch screen.

Automate are now able to offer upgrade kits for older Kardex units 

This replaces the original  up / down keypads or matchbox type keyboard with a colour touch screen or keyboard.

The controller drives the Kardex Carousel or Kardex Shuttle and bypasses the now obsolete control boards.

This offers the operator many functions not available on these models originally and make the units more user friendly to the operator. 

It will greatly increase reliability and Automate are offering maintenance and service support agreements on older equipment..

The Kardex can now be linked to software for greater control of picking and improved stock accuracy. 

Upgrades are offered on models manufactured in the period 1985-1999. Some pre 1985 units can also be upgraded.