Electronic component storage

The Schmid Group is a global supplier of integrative process solutions for printed circuit board technology, flat panel displays and applications in thin film photovoltaics, solar wafers and cells.

As a result of the ever-growing demand for its products, the company needed additional storage capacities and production spaces.

In the production area, more than 16,000 machine components of different sizes and dimensions needed to be stored and efficiently provided as and when required.

Advantages at a glance

Optimization of processes by separating inbound and outbound logistics

Improved stock control through integration of Kardex Power Pick Global Warehouse management software into the customer ’s SAP system

Allocation of individual access rights

Increased production through warehouse separation into different zones

Scope of delivery

19 Shuttle XP 500 (W x D x H: 2,450 x 864 x 8,950 mm)

2 access openings per unit (one on ground floor, one on top floor level)

Kardex Software: Power Pick Global with connection to SAP

Fold-down front construction to remove goods from the unit