Chip Manufacturing - Clean Room - Buffer Storage

Kardex Equipment used in a cleanroom environment

For the assembly of chip modules in a clean-room environment, VDL needed an optimized buffer solution for incoming goods to ensure the quality of the entire process.

It was very important that no picking errors occurred and that no goods once picked were returned to the picking location, to guarantee cleanliness.

Formerly, all incoming components were stored in traditional shelving and pallet racks.

Incoming components now stored in four high speed Shuttle XP, strategically located between the warehouse and the assembly area.

All Shuttle XP are equipped with opposite access openings ensuring that picking and putting processes are clearly separated. The use of TFT displays combined with carts and numbered bins offers efficient order picking and a reduction in order picking errors.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reduced Picking Errors
  • Improved integration of storage, production, and assembly
  • Optimization of picking process (from 5 to 3 days)
  • 585 m² storage on 42 m²
  • 4 Shuttle XP's each with opposite access openings
  • 30 Vario Position Indicator LEDs per access opening
  • TFT display support for picking process
  • Kardex Software with BAAN interface
  • Transparent side panels plus lighting