JIT - Paperless Picking for Production

Electronic Component

Ajan Electronic manufacturing had the following storage and retrieval requirements - 

Space-saving storage
Storage of large and small parts
Speed up the order picking process
Use as few employees as possible

The Solution:

Highly dense storage in Kardex Vertical Shuttle XP 1000, 750 and 500 models and large carousels 
The ability  to  storage of a wide range of items
Retrieval process 20 times faster
2 employees instead of 6 achieve twice the output in a shorter space of time
Position indicators located at the access openings help to ensure error-free retrieval

Scope of delivery:

11 Shuttle XP 500, 6 Shuttle XP 700, 4 Shuttle XP 1000, 2 Megamat RS 650 systems
Power Pick Global warehouse management software with link to customer’s ERP
Handheld mobile data devices, boxes, and position indicator


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