Power Industry Equipment - Dehumidified Storage

Dehumidified controlled environment within Kardex Shuttles

The Shanghai Electric High Voltage Industrial Co., Ltd primary business involves the renovation and expansion for power grids of 220 kV or above, as well as repairing, commissioning, and maintenance of power grid equipment.
The components and spare parts, which are required for commissioning, repairing and maintaining of power transmission equipment and facilities require a climate-controlled storage environment.

A cost effective way of storing these components was in Kardex Storage equipment fitted with dehumidifiers.

Advantages at a glance

  • Rapid access to spare parts
  • Dry components thanks to dehumidifying systems
  • Order and clarity in the store
  • 99 % accurate retrieval by using pick-by-light operator prompting
  • 270 m² storage space on a floor space of only 41.12 m²
  • Optimized utilization of space thanks to L-shaped layout of the storage system

Scope of delivery

  • 2 Kardex Shuttle Xplus (W x D x H: 7,040 x 2,921 x 4,950 mm)
  • Dehumidifiers, stabilizing relative air humidity at 45 % (average air humidity in Shanghai is around 80 %)
  • LED light pointer position indicator
  • Power Pick Global, the warehouse management software.
  • Manually hinged tray extraction